How it Works

How does a Pawn Loan work?

Never received a Collateral loan before and not sure what to expect? Scottsdale Pawn Shop is here to put your mind at ease.

Since all fees and interest rates are state regulated and we adhere to all state laws, the loan process becomes quite painless and very dignified.

The process is easy. Once you come into the store with your collateral, we will use one of our many tools available to determine the value of that item. In most cases we will use a variety of closed auctions to determine the value that we can loan on the item. Once the loan amount has been agreed to by both parties, we will then prepare the pledge agreement. This document will have the loan number, transaction date, maturity date, and description of the item being used for collateral. It will also have all the fees associated with the loan, interest rates and Annual Percentage Rates.

The term of the loan is 90 days. At the end of the 90 days, you have two options:

Pay off the loan and redeem your collateraldiamonds
Pay the interest and costs owed and renew your loan for another 90 days


It is important that you return any phone calls that we make and stay in contact with us. We will always do our best to be considerate of our customers’ individual situations and we would always rather have you redeem your loans or renew them rather than sell the collateral that you pledged.

All Arizona Pawnshops follow the same interest standards.  Why would you go to a shop where you are treated just as everyone else? At Scottsdale Pawn Shop, everyone is treated as an individual, with a unique situation and needs.

Scottsdale Pawn Shop understands that cash flow problems happen and we are here to help when they do. Pawning with us is simple, straightforward, and comfortable.


Scottsdale Pawn Shop offers a vast selection of interesting, valuable, and collectible treasures at a very reasonable price.

As a high end pawn shop, our main focus is not on selling our items at top resale prices, but rather to provide our customers with a welcome alternative to borrowing money from a bank.  Because of this focus, we will often sell our inventory at wholesale prices or lower.

Our inventory is vast and changes on a daily basis.


What is the difference between pawning an item or selling it?

In most cases, the difference is usually 10-15% difference in monies paid.  On average, Scottsdale Pawn Shop will pay you 10-15% more for selling us an item directly rather than loaning or pawning the item.  If you choose to go with a pawn loan, eventually getting your item back, you will, of course, be paying interest on the money loaned. This is when you really want to think about whether or not it is worth paying the interest on an item that you never use, never wear, or has no sentimental value.

Why Sell through a Pawn Shop?

Selling your items through a reputable pawn shop can be the fastest and easiest way for you to turn your items into cash. Why put up with Craigslist, ebay, or yard sales? Scottsdale Pawn Shop has the funds to buy even your luxury toys. Keep in mind, however, that our primary service is to provide loans using items as collateral, so we never mark up our items for sale excessively.

Scottsdale Pawn Shop, Arizona’s premiere high end pawn shop, will always try to pay top dollar.  If we can’t pay you what you are looking for, then you will receive an explanation and a reason as to why we can’t.

Scottsdale Pawn Shop will buy any valuable items

Even though we specialize in luxury items and collectibles, don’t let our store fool you.  Although it is different in appearance than most, we will take any and all items that we can substantiate and find a value for.

Remember that your items are worth more with all the original boxes and papers that came with the original purchase. This is especially true of fine watches, original artwork, and authentic memorabilia.

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